🅴 Rach Vem fishing village in Phu Quoc Island

Rach Vem fishing village is a memorable place. Besides its wild beauty, it's also famous for starfishes. All over the beach. So many. 

Rach Vem fishing village in Phu Quoc Island

.Some Vietnamese caught them to make medicinal liquor. They think it's good for their health. Actually starfish is beautiful, and useless. When going by speedboat from Rach Vem, through Rach Cham river. Entering the river gate, is a stunning view. 

Big starfish at Rach Vem fishing Village

We are familiar with shrimps, shrimp paste, or dried shrimp but we may not see fresh shrimps. Freshly caught! They start drying them, then ground them, or dry one more time, to make dried shrimp, or garnish on top a dish, or put into the soup, very good.

Beautiful view at Rach Vem

Rach Vem is now a popular place to tourists. It is a floating village, with clear water that we can see lots of starfishes under sea.

We will follow the river, to discover beautiful view, like U Minh forest in Ca Mau. There're also rare plants. Can't miss the fishing part, then cooking.