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Sadec Flower Village is located next to Tien River. It is also known as Tan Quy Dong flower village. As far as I know, it has been here for over 100 years. When French came here and formed Sa Dec province, they brought along flower seeds. With the love for flowers, Vietnamese farmer planted them. Not until 1930, did Tan Quy Dong flower village have their own products and send to other provinces.

Sadec Flower Village 2021

Nowadays, there are more than 2000 households majoring in flower farming. And more than 2000 types of flower are planted and propagated here.

more than 2000 households majoring in SaDec flower village farming

Sadec Flower Village is also known as Tan Quy Dong flower village.

Introduce quickly this Sadec flower village's history !.

Meet Hai Cao, he is an artisan and he will talk more bout Sa Dec flower village, as well as Tan Quy Dong flower village.

Hai Cao is an artisan at Sadec Flower Village
Comedian Van Son and Hai Cao (an Artisan at Sadec Flower Village)

The flower village has a long history. For more 100 years. Back then, it was famous for Tu Ton rose garden. After 1975. But actually, it has 2000 species of flower. So they called this place Capital of flowers. Because it is one of a kind, no place can compare to it. One more thing, flowers here are planted on shelves. It's different from other places.

If we plant directly in the soil, it will die when we bring to another place. It can't grow. Since it can't keep the same condition in soil, so it gradually die. It's normal. We have to do that, to avoid grass and natural enemies. And prevent flowers from growing roots. It's our unique point.

It's our unique point. Land features of western provinces like Sa Dec, Tien Giang or Vinh Long are quite the same. Why they don't plant flowers, but only here with a huge flower village. There are a lot of factors. In planting rice they said 'First water, second fertilizer, third diligence, fourth seeds.' Water come first, then fertilizer, and we need diligence,

How to apply them in planting flowers?

Also the same. Year-around water from Mekong delta, is a great source for plants and flowers, - Because it lays on the bank of Tien River?

Yes Tien River. It brings water and sand right? Thanks to the water source. It's incomparable. Mekong Delta has 13 provinces. But 12 out of 13 have salt intrusion.

Only Dong Thap is exception. When I first came to Sa Dec in the 1980s, I heard about Sa Dec rose garden. Still existing? Rose garden of Mr. Tu Ton is known widely, but it was replaced by houses, when his son lived there. In the future, they will open again Tu Ton rose garden 2km from here.

About to kick off. On the go?

Exactly the recreation of the rose garden. - 2km from here. - Yeah. So our flower village right now speaking of the scale, and flower products,

Can we top the rank in the whole country?

Absolutely not. Da Lat is still superior to us. The condition of weather has have given Dalat a favor. To Sa Dec, it's water. In Da Lat, flowers used for export and domestic sales. Consumed widely. Sa Dec's flowers mainly in pots. So only domestic distribution, and just export to a few countries.

Can you tell me is there any special flower only can be planted here?

I haven't seen any case, unless imported flowers can live here. I mean in our country, is there a significant flower produced by ourselves? Maybe not.

It's the same as other places right?

Yeah, Sa Dec also has imported species. Even lilly flowers from cold area, like Da Lat can be planted here. Or gladiolus. - Wow gladiolus also here? - Yeah. - Awesome. - We can grow cold weather flowers. We already talked about the gifted land, water, seeds and human as well. All of good factors are here.

What is the most difficult thing in planting ornamental flowers?

The first one is weather. It affects strongly on the farmers. Market comes as the second. We produce and consume by ourselves. Flowers only bloom in a short time. If we can't sell them, we lose all. Yes, if not we have to consume ourselves. Espcially, flowers are planted year-around here. Not seasonal. Mainly year-around. So we grow ornamental flowers, and flowers for display in house. We don't grow that type. Mainly flower in pot, it's called seasonal. Like marigold or chrysanthemum. Flower types for construction about 90% are year-around.

what is your most favorite flower?

I really like roses. But the flower my family grow to earn for a living is different from the other's since they grow many types. Mostly peony flowers. In many colors. Supply to the market. We have to work all year, no days off. We don't care about the output.

How do you evaluate flower cultivating, compared to rice & fruit?

The ratio of them is 1/10, now ornamental flowers growing quickly, current ratio is 1/ to 1/5. Not good as before. Because less household planted flowers back then. About 100 households. Now up to thousands, so it's more competitive, and our income is lower.

Do you have any wish or expectation for your job and the flower village also? What's your greatest wish ?

I only wish for a stable output. It means we have buyers, and distribute to many places and countries. Help farmers' life move up. If we still keep the self-produce and self-consuming, our life will not change. As long as we have the output, and network to export, that's the thing all farmers longing for. Can you see that? This land is suitable for planting flowers All species of flower. 

But if there is no one as Mr. Hai, flower industry in Sa Dec will never grow up. Thanks to their hard-working, and handful skills. Flower industry in Sa Dec florished and went popular. So I really want 1 thing visit Sa Dec flower village when you come to Sa Dec. 

To see magnificent flowers. And see artisans working. Without them, there wouldn't be any beautiful flowers at our houses. Marigold or Chrysanthemum to display for Tet holiday. A must visited place. Everytime you come to Sa Dec. Or Tan Quy Dong flower village.

View video about Sadec Flower Village:  here

Vietnamese : Làng hoa Sa Đéc