🅴 Travel to Ha Tien Kien Giang

Ha Tien is considered one the most beautiful cities in the Southwest of Vietnam. It's in the Southwest of Vietnam and has white and beautiful beaches. In addition, it has mountains, rivers and islands. Ha Tien has everything. In former time, when my crew went to Ha Tien City in Kien Giang Province, we all were really excited because the first thing is its delicious food, the second is beautiful sights, the third is to swim and play on beaches.  

Ha Tien is a city that belongs to Kien Giang Province

Although Ha Tien is in the Southwest, it has beautiful islands as in the Central Vietnam and it has beautiful bays as Ha Long bay.

In every morning, starting from 5AM to 7AM, Ha Tien City has busy and crowded business like this. Behind is Dong Ho River, which flows directly to the sea. Along the riverbank, many boats and ships which caught fish and prawn in the sea come here to wholesale fresh seafood like this. And people here will sell by retail to customers. There are some boats go out there and buy from fishing boats the seafood which are special and can be consumed daily and fresh, they sell by retail here.

Beautiful beach at Ha Tien

In the last of 2018, the city has rebuit the beach, and add more white sand. To make it more attractive. There's also cable care to visit from the top. This is the low tourist season, so few people come here to swim. You have to buy tickets to come in. It worths the money. And the ticket money, is the budget to keep the beach clean and clear. The beach is filled with white sand.

Alligator Cave at Ha Tien

On our way from Ha Tien to Father-and-Son rocks, we'll pass by Alligator Cave. Because alligator used to live there. Gradually, the people habitated here and the alligator moved away No alligator any more. But this landscape is breathtaking. It's now exploited for tourism. If they do the right way, it could be a top place. A whole view of wild nature, mountain and forest.

Ha Tien is the place blessed by nature, a masterpiece of caves and limestone mountains. You can see over there. The local people call it Thach Dong Ha Tien. This is the gateway to Thach Dong Ha Tien. Seen from afar, it stands spectacular. Espcially, you can see a lookalike face on the mountain. Like a face of a rock man. Tourists can see a panoramic view of Ha Tien. Located inside is a temple, which inspired the myth Thach Sanh Ly Thong. The Cave where Thach Sach jumped in to and saved the princess. And Ly Thong deceived him by covering the cave. Thach Dong Ha Tien is a must visit place.

Thach Dong Ha Tien

We're going to come in a place existed for 300 years. This is the Sac Tu Tam Bao pagoda. It was built by sir Mac Cuu. He built the pagoda to admire his mother, and to live in the last of his life. After his mom passed away, he build a golden statute. As well a big golden bell to worship.

Here is Nui Da Dung. Why they call them so? Because the mountain standing straight. Upstanding mountain, that's why. Especially, it's one of the best mountain in Ha Tien. When we visit Ha Tien, we can see the caves. Totally 14 caves. With different shapes.

Mac Cuu contributed so much for Viet Nam. He explored Nam Ky Luc Tinh, and he was awarded the title. Though he is not Vietnamese, he was born as Chinese. Because he didn't surrender Qing, so he moved with his family and 400 soldiers, After months wandering, he landed there. Once belong to Chan Lap. He intended to ask for a place, but he decided to stay here to help people. And rebuild the land.

Mac Cuu

Not only in Ha Tien, Rach Gia, but also other provinces, were helped by him and developed. The best thing in him that he encouraged the people to come back, and get no tax from them. So the people, Vietnamese, Chinese or Cambodian, they gathered here to work and live. Together built the florishing land.