🅴 Pirate archipelago Ha Tien (Hai Tac Island)

Pirate archipelago Ha Tien has 16 islands in total. This is the biggest island. There're around 2000 residents who live here. They earn living by fishing or aquaculture or running tourism business for tourists when they come here. They will take care of tourists or have motorbike, boat for lease to take tourists to further islands and fishing or diving.

Pirate archipelago Ha Tien has 16 islands in total

Especially, there's a milestone here to prove this island belongs to Vietnam. There's a beautiful beach with white sand, so beautiful. And this is the back side of biggest island in Pirate archipelago. The front side is where the wharf is, we can see the land on that side. This is back side. There're some unspoiled beaches, so amazing.

the front side of Pirate archipelago Ha Tien
The front side of Pirate archipelago Ha Tien 

You can see some islands out there. They belongs to Cambodia.They are so close that we think we can even swim there. So this is a border where conflict happens every aggressively. It have occurred a hundred years, not lately. That's why there is a historical monument here. In 1958, Vietnamese navy came here and made this milestone. Vietnam Republic, Pirate archipelago. confirmation, sea chart no., coordinates. 

The back side of Pirate archipelago Ha Tien

Pirate archipelago includes following islands. Keo Ngua, Kien vang, Tre Lon, Tre Nho. 16 islands. It was written that: "Delegation with research and supervising mission came here on 26th July 1958 under instruction from Vietnam Navy. They signed here too. No more argument. This island belongs to Vietnam.

Hai Tac  Historical monument 

Then, from here we can see Cambodian island out there or Sihanoukville far away. It is a beach of Cambodia. So close. And we can also see a very large island out there which is Phu Quoc island, our amazing island..